ABC News

Fresh evidence shows Sri Lankan war atrocities
14 June 2011

Interviews with Gordon Weiss and a Priest, who visited hospitals in the final months of the war. Discusses a number of photos, provided by a former driver for the Red Cross, obtained from a Sri Lankan soldier. It goes on to speak to John Dowd who states that his organization (International Commission of Jurists) will submit a case for a war crimes tribunal.

Al Jazeera

People & Power - Sri Lanka: War Crimes
21 April 2011

25 minute documentary focussing on the alleged war crimes. Includes an interview with Dr. Saravanmuttu. Looks into the military presence in the former war zone and the effect this is having on the Tamil community. Interviews aid workers and civilians who were caught up in the last stages of the war. A Sri Lankan soldier discusses a hospital and admits that the damage to it was caused by shelling. Interview Tamil civilians who discuss allegations of conscription and brutality from the LTTE.

Sri Lanka War Crimes Interview with Donald Gnanakone (president of Tamils for Justice)
15 June 2011

Amnesty International

Sri Lanka - Tell the Truth
12 April 2011

Dr Manoharan has been fighting for 5 years to bring his son's murderers to court. This film follows the 70 year old doctor from Sri Lanka to London and the UN building in New York with a 50,000 strong petition for Amnesty International members. They demand Justice for the thousands of victims lost or killed in Sri Lanka, as a UN report is written on accountability for war crimes committed in the Sri Lankan armed conflict.

Channel 4 News

Sri Lanka's 'Srebrenica moment': Interview with Gordon Weiss
18 April 2011

Sri Lanka evidence of ongoing repression and abuse war crimes
26 April 2011

UK Prime Minister calls for Sri Lanka war crimes pressure
15 June 2011

PBS Newshour

War Crimes Accusations Emerge Over Civil War in Sri Lanka
15 June 2011

Ray Suarez discusses new accusations of war crimes with Sri Lanka's ambassador to the United States, Jaliya Wickramasuriya and The International Crisis Group's Mark Schneider.

Australia National University

The Fight for Sri Lanka - Gordon Weiss at ANU
03 August 2011

Gordon Weiss, a veteran journalist and UN official for two decades, was firmly entrenched in the Sri Lanka conflict as spokesperson for the UN in Colombo. He was a close observer as, in just four months in 2009, tens of thousands of civilians perished along with the last of the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lanka debate at the Frontline Club, London

Sri Lanka: Could the West do more about human rights and press freedom?
08 July 2011

Reporters Sans Frontieres

Sunanda Deshapriya on Press freedom
05 October 2009


War survivors in Sri Lanka
29 March 2010

Plight of fleeing Sri Lankan asylum seekers

09 March 2010