Since we launched our petition, on May the 1st, calling on the UN to honour their report’s recommendations and have in independent international investigation into the alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka, we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received.Over 9,000 signatures from over 80 different countries, all in barely four months.

Now a new petition has been launched; not by us, but along lines we firmly approve of, asking for the same thing of the British Government.

This petition is on the British Government’s e-petition site, meaning if it receives a certain amount of signatures it will have to be debated by parliament.

So if you are in the UK please sign their petition and urge the British Government to support our call and demand an independent international investigation

And wherever you are in the world please make sure you’ve signed our petition as we will be writing to the British Prime Minister pointing out that we have over 9,000 people from around the world (over 4,000 of them from the UK) supporting the call for an investigation. Lets see if we can make those numbers bigger!

Between us we have 10,000 voices calling for change, so lets unite together and make sure our voices are heard both internationally and nationally.

Kind regards,

The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice

PS. Tell your friends! That is how our campaign spread so quickly previously. You can forward them this email, or both petitions have “share” buttons (ours are at the bottom of the page) allowing you to quickly tell your friends using facebook or other sharing sites.

Know of a similar petition in another country? Let us know so we can spread the word.

And if there isn’t a similar petition in your country but you’d be interested in starting one, get in touch and we can help.