Summer Appeal 2016

Dear Friend,

“When we hear about the things the Sri Lanka Campaign are doing we know we have not been forgotten.” – anonymous Sri Lankan war survivor, 2015

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In October 2015, expectations were raised in Sri Lanka when the new government – responding to sustained international pressure – co-signed a ground-breaking UN resolution in which it agreed to address the legacy of the civil war and embark on a serious process of justice and reconciliation.

However, nine months on and there are already worrying signs that the government is not living up to that promise [1]. The renewed spate of ‘white van’ abductions [2] – along with evidence of ongoing sexual violence and torture by security forces [3] – also means that a serious climate of fear persists in many parts of the country.

Through our research, campaigning and advocacy, the Sri Lanka Campaign is working hard to ensure that ongoing abuses remain in the spotlight and to push the government of Sri Lanka to keep its promise to war survivors to deal with the past. But to continue to do that, we need your help.

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We pride ourselves on having a big impact for the very little we spend. Yet while we operate on a shoestring – as well as the energy of many amazing volunteers – our work costs money. Simply put, without donations from our supporters, the Sri Lanka Campaign would not exist. That is why we are asking you to consider making a donation to this year’s Summer Appeal so that we can continue to fight for the rights of all Sri Lankans and to ensure that war criminals are held to account.

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The suggested donations for this year’s appeal are £15£30 and £100 but you can choose to give however much you wish. Click here to see all the options for giving. Better still, you can help us campaign even more effectively by setting up a regular donation. Just £3 a month makes you an official supporter.

Whatever you chose to give, it is much needed and much appreciated.

Thank you,

The Sri Lanka Campaign Team

P.S. Have you seen our recent petition urging the government of Sri Lanka to keep its promise to war survivors? Click here to add your voice.

P.P.S. We are a very transparent organisation – non-partisan, multi-ethnic and not in anybody’s pay. Our latest accounts can be found here.