Thanks to your generous support we have come so far in these last three years.

We’ve beaten the Government of Sri Lanka time and again, we’ve run a number of groundbreaking campaigns, we’ve told stories that would otherwise never seen the light of day, and above all we have given people hope.

But sadly the nature of our work makes it difficult to attract funding. We are firecely independent, and we are not willing to compromise on our objectives. That means that virtually all our funding has to come from individual donations. In other words from people like you.

You have been so generous in bringing us this far. But unfortunately we are struggling to make ends meet.

Our current calculations are that, unless something changes, we will run out of money and have to close our doors on the 14th of December at 9PM.

I don’t want to let that happen. That’s why I, Edward Mortimer, and a number of our advisers – including Adele Barker, Antony Loewensten, Scott Sheeran and a number of others are dipping into our own pockets to help fund the campaign.

But it won’t be enough without your help.

Please join us, and help the Sri Lanka Campaign live to fight another day, by donating via our website.
And please do pass this on to your friends,