We have put together a bunch of logos to allow you to show the world how you feel about a war criminal heading the Commonwealth for the next two years. We’re making these logos freely available: they don’t belong to anyone, they don’t come from any organisation. So use them as you see fit.

We have them in various versions. There are full scale high resolution versions which can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, or printed out on to posters or placards:


We have wide banner versions that you can put on your website or in emails:


We have versions which are exactly the right size for your facebook profile:

And Twitter:

And if you click here you can visit “twibbon” which will allow you to have this logo in the corner of your twitter or facebook picture without obscuring the whole thing.

Or here is an alternative version:

We also have virtually every combination of the logos above, and press ready versions to print off stickers, posters, or placards. So if there is any variation you need please get in touch.

It would be fantastic if you could help us plaster this image everywhere, so please help yourself!