We are pleased to announce that we have created a media guide to the Commonwealth summit. You can access it here.



We have produced this guide because we do not believe that visitors to the Commonwealth Summit will see what lies behind the veneer of this holiday destination. By intimidating their critics into silence, carefully managing media opportunities, and clamping down hard on civil society, the Government will be able to portray Sri Lanka as a country enjoying a successful reconciliation process. This is simply untrue, and with this guide, it should be possible to expose these inaccuracies and the suffering still endured by too many Sri Lankans.

Inside the guide you will find:

  • Our guide to the summit and why the summit matters
  • A day-by-day guide to what each meeting means and where it will take place
  • A guide to the situation in Sri Lanka and the biggest stories at the moment
  • A list of people to follow on twitter.

This is the web version of the guide. On request we are also happy to provide the full version. This further includes:

  • Practical information on getting around Sri Lanka
  • Security tips and a guide to visiting the north of the island
  • Contact information for Sri Lanka experts

We are releasing this addition now as we know many journalists are currently planning their visit to Sri Lanka. However we are also intending to release a second addition, with bang up to date information as to what will take place in Sri Lanka during the Commonwealth Summit. This second edition will come out in late October or early November and will also be available in physical paper form – so please email us on [email protected] if you would like to request a paper version. Times are tight so we may have to ask for donations to cover the costs involved in producing paper versions.