Thank you! Thanks to your generosity we raised almost exactly £3,500. In addition the Network for Social Change came through with a £5,000 grant.

Together that means we have the money to keep going until at least April. And with the amount of people making regular contributions increasing all the time every day we can continue is a day closer to financial security.

So we are going to be making one last big push – then we will be funded for five months*

Lets see if we can reach £10,000 in the next two weeks – we’re almost there!

Please drop by our site and make a secure, anonymous donation – whatever you can afford.

Every penny helps:

  • £3.30 will keep us going for another hour
  • £30 will keep us going for another working day
  • £560 keep us going for another week

Or thinking about it another way

  • £2 a month will provide a mobile phone for an independent journalist in Sri Lanka.
  • £5 a month pays for an internet connection so we can keep in touch with human rights defenders in fear for their lives.
  • £10 a month keeps our website online.
  • £500 will fly a Sri Lankan human rights defender to the UK.

So please give what you can – and together we can keep fighting.

Please do forward this to your friends and family. We have found this to be very effective in the past. Stick the text above into an email to them, use the share button below, or use twitter, reddit, or facebook to spread the word.

* We will still need more money to secure our long term future. Regular donations are the key to securing our financial future. If you have a UK bank account please do set up a direct debit using the links on this page.