We’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news: Your pressure, and some great lawyers meant that the High Court has stopped the deportation of all asylum seekers on the 4pm flight tomorrow to Sri Lanka.

The bad news: A furious Home Office is going to the Court of Appeals.

What you can do: Sign this petition now and share it widely. http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/48_hours_to_stop_flight_to_hell/ Avaaz will make sure your signatures are delivered to the Home Office first thing tomorrow morning and throughout the day,

In addition if you’d like to write directly to UK Home Secretary, Theresa May’s office please use the talking points below and remember to be polite. The email can be sent to [email protected]

  • The threat of torture faced by Sri Lankan Tamils has increased since the civil war ended because of the policy of complete annihilation followed by the Sri Lankan security forces.
  • The Human Rights Watch report released on Tuesday shows that Tamils forcibly returned are at a high risk of rape, and two of the Tamils in the report were raped after having been deported from the UK
  • The courts are soon to deliver a judgement on the UKBA’s country guidelines on Sri Lanka. This will determine if deportations to Sri Lanka are legal. Nobody should be deported until this judgement is in.