Many governments say they are unable to do anything but in private they seem to be doing quite a bit..….and not always helpful.

According to Bruce Haigh, a senior Australian diplomat who has a track record of engaging in difficult situations (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan included):

“Tragically, Australia has taken sides in the Sri Lankan civil war. Instead of offering humanitarian assistance to those in the camps, it sent the deputy chief of the navy, Rear Admiral Davyd Thomas, to Colombo in June 2009 to urge that young Tamils be prevented from coming to Australia . His plea amounted to an endorsement of the continued detention of Tamils in appalling conditions. Kevin Rudd supports this position and said as much in an interview with Greg Cary on ABC Brisbane on July 1, 2009.”

The fear of China seems great but is that reason to collude with on the on-going gross abuse of civilians, not to mention earlier war crimes?

Canberra Times (Australia) editorial article