In a world where human rights is often used in a partisan way, Chibli Mallat, the internationally respected lawyer is known for his unbiased approach to human rights. He is best known for legal actions on behalf of the victims of Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, and for winning the case of Victims of Sabra and Shatila v Ariel Sharon et al under the law of universal jurisdiction in Belgium in February 2003, before a change in Belgian law removed the jurisdiction of the court. He has also spoken out about the Bush doctrine and its violent approach to “regime change” in Iraq. Until recently, senior law adviser for the University of Utah Global Justice Project: Iraq. His comments about the new Obama doctrine are therefore worth careful note. Mallat is on record as saying: ‘It takes at least a generation to establish democracy and the rulers in the Middle East are all ruthless dinosaurs. But we’d better start now!’ Sri Lankans of goodwill, regardless of their ethnic groups and political persuasions, should take note.