This winter, we’ve teamed up with Amazon to allow you to do your Christmas shopping – or any other shopping for that matter – from behind your computer while raising money for a good cause – us!

Under Amazon’s “affiliates” scheme, when you shop using Amazon on our recommendation, we get at least 5% of everything you spend, at no extra cost to you – It’s Amazon’s way of thanking us for encouraging you to use their site.

Just click this link to give us 5% of the cost of your Christmas shopping!

You know how bad the situation in Sri Lanka is, but we are continuing to have success – ramping up the pressure from the international community (following the launch of our campaign on the subject the UK and South Africa pulled out of the notorious “Galle Dialogue” maritime festival) – and will carry on doing so until we have a lasting peace in Sri Lanka based upon justice and human rights.

But times are hard and we really need your support if we are to hold both the sides in the recent civil war to account, and to take on the Government over its persistent rights abuses. We need your help if we are to build on our success, so please do use our link when you come to shop.

Click this link and then use the Amazon website as you normally would.

Many thanks and an (early) happy Christmas,
The Sri Lanka Campaign

Want to give the gift of peace in Sri Lanka? Click here to make a donation in someone’s name.

Want to find a gift for someone with a Sri Lankan obsession? At our Amazon store you will find books and DVDs written about the state of Sri Lanka as well as books and DVDs by Sri Lanka Campaign advisers. And we will get 5%+ on everything.

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