We have some fantastic news. Yesterday we told you about the family with severe mental health problems that the British Government were intent on sending back to Sri Lanka where they faced severe risks to their lives and certain damage to their mental health.

Things looked pretty bleak today as UK border agency officials restrained the children and forcibly took them to the airport despite their obvious mental anguish.

But their lawyers never stopped fighting and managed to secure a hearing in the High Court late this afternoon. After a fierce three hour battle with the Home Office they obtained an emergency injunction to stop the flight!

It doesn’t come much more last minute than this but, for the moment at least, the family are safe. The family’s lawyers, Jein Solicitors, are the real heroes but they also asked us to pass on their thanks for all your help. They said your emails helped immensely in building up the pressure around the case, and helping it get a hearing.

Tank you so much to everyone who emailed.