Dear friend,

This spring, on the day it opens to the public, I will be plunging into the icy waters of London’s serpentine, then swimming, cycling and running my way around one of the world’s largest cities to raise money for the Sri Lanka Campaign.

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I’m the campaign director of the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice. I know first hand how bad the situation in Sri Lanka is, and how much we need the support of people like you. I’ve met human rights activists who’ve been tortured, families that had their children killed in front of them, and journalists and lawyers who live under the constant threat of death.

We desperately need funds to continue to fight for these people. So I’m putting my trainers where my mouth is and doing something I’ve never done before: a triathlon.

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Your donations will help us turn the Sri Lanka Campaign from the small but effective volunteer organisation it is now, into a force to be reckoned with that will take on human rights abusers in Sri Lanka and win. There is now a real opportunity to do something for the victims of both sides’ brutality – but only if we have the funds to make their case heard. That is why I have become a Sri Lanka Campaign community fundraiser – and I am not the only one

Please do lend us your support.

Fred Carver

Campaign Director, Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice

PS. Inspired to do something similar? Visit our community fundraising page to find out how you can join an event, set up your own, or find out about “the Great Sri Lankan cook off” (more details soon).