Somebody is still getting away with murder.

Next Wednesday, Channel 4 will release an extremely important follow-up documentary to last year’s explosive ‘Killing Fields’. This is a real chance to effect changes to the current culture of impunity in Sri Lanka, by stirring the international community into action.

We need to act together to make this happen, and stop Sri Lanka becoming yesterday’s news. Each day next week, we will be posting a story from 8 people who have witnessed crimes in Sri Lanka. This is what we do, but we need donations to keep doing it.

Many of you watched ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ when it aired in June 2011, which served as critical evidence for the UN’s Report last year on Sri Lanka. Channel 4 will air the follow up ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished’ on Wednesday 14th March at 10.55pm. International viewers can watch online on 4OD once it has aired. This is a documentary not to be missed.

We are told it will reveal damning evidence of war crimes. Several at the highest levels of Government and the Army will be implicated, which should open up international debate onto an independent investigation on war crimes in Sri Lanka. It is critical we act swiftly to keep Sri Lanka at the top of the agenda, as Human Rights Council members will meet for a final week.

We have been getting Sri Lankan’s stories into the open, and using them to push the international community to act, but we need your help to keep Sri Lankan voices alive

Please, please make sure you watch this very significant programme next week, share this with everyone you can on Twitter and Facebook, and support us with a donation.

Many of us have already got involved in efforts to raise money and awareness for the Campaign. To continue our work in giving a voice to Sri Lankans, who fear retaliation if they speak out against human rights abuses, we really need more funds. Please donate now on our community support page 

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