Dear Friend,

Sri Lanka’s media is in crisis. Since 2005, 34 journalists have been murdered, not a single murderer has been sent to prison, and up to 25 journalists a year are fleeing the country. However, our recent media freedom briefing, and action plan give us the opportunity to do something about this terrible state of affairs.

We spoke to many Sri Lankan, (and some non Sri Lankan), media workers, journalists and experts; some of them in Sri Lanka, and some in exile. Together we came up with our action plan, a road map to a freer and more effective Sri Lankan media. Given the Government of Sri Lanka’s clear distaste for free speech, the action plan concentrates on things that foreign governments can do to improve the situation.

But foreign governments, including your government, won’t help unless they feel that that is what the public want them to do. So we need your help to persuade them that they need to act.

Please help us help Sri Lankan journalists by writing to your local MP or Representative.

We have included a suggested letter or email for you to send them.Some countries have helpful websites like Fax your MP (UK), Write to your Representative (USA), or Find your MP (Canada) so you can easily work out who to write to. Other countries list their MPs on their Parliamentary website, like India. If all else fails, virtually every country has a Presidential website with contact details: here is Tajikistan’s. No matter what country you are in these should be someone it is possible for you to lobby on this issue – and we need a global coalition to make a difference. If you are having trouble finding out who to email just ask us and we will let you know.

If you get any responses, please do email them to us at [email protected]. We will be keen to read them and can advise you on a further response should you wish to send one.

So please do send this letter to your local representative today. Our campaign is gaining momentum, with Radio Netherlands covering it yesterday. Media professionals risk their lives on a daily basis to get the truth out of Sri Lanka It is time to give them a helping hand.

Kind regards,

The Sri Lanka Campaign team

PS. Running this kind of campaign is expensive. To help us continue to campaign for Sri Lanka, please donate to our campaign here

Download the letter template here