Britain’s Foreign Minister William Hague is about to launch the first ever Global Summit on Sexual violence, but he seems to have forgotten about Sri Lanka. Not only is Sri Lanka not on the conference agenda, but the team of experts William Hague has set up to look into sexual crimes around the world aren’t going to look at Sri Lanka. And the British Government continues to deport victims back to Sri Lanka to face further abuse.

At the same time a new report has shown that rape and sexual torture are being systematically used in minority areas of Sri Lanka to oppress the Tamil community.

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This summit cannot simply be a glamorous photo opportunity for William Hague and Angelina Jolie. Real actions have to come out of it, and Sri Lanka is somewhere where Hague’s team of experts could make a real difference. Over the winter nearly 4,000 of you used our website to send Hague this message. But with the high profile of the Global Summit, now is the perfect time to make sure our demand is not ignored.

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