As part of our commitment to transparency we are once again making our fully audited accounts for the last financial year (July 2013-June 2014) available online. They can be read here.

Due to our small annual turnover we are not required to have a full audit, however we choose to do so voluntarily in order to be fully transparent about where our money comes from. We have also once again gone further and provided additional information, not required for the audit, to demonstrate the sources of our funding.

As you will see:

a) we operate on a shoestring budget, doing a large amount of work with considerable impact, on one of the smallest turnovers of any NGO.

b) most of our money comes in donations, donations that continue to be desperately needed. If you are able to contribute towards our running costs please click here and give what you can afford.

Once again thank you to everyone who contributed towards keeping the Sri Lanka Campaign afloat for another year.