This isn’t the most exciting blog post of the year, but our fully audited accounts for the year 2012-13 are now available on our website and here:

(The eagle eyed of you may have noticed one small mistake – by Human Rights Commission we, of course, mean the Human Rights Council)  

We often get attacked by supporters of the Government of Sri Lanka asking us to declare where our funding comes from. This is always a source of amusement to us, both because we have been doing exactly that ever since we first started, and because most of these individuals and groups are noticeably recalcitrant when it comes to revealing their own sources of funding.

This year we have made it even easier to see where our money comes from by voluntarily declaring a greater amount of information than is required for the audit. As you will see the truth is far less glamorous than apologists for the Sri Lankan Government imagine. The truth is that we don’t have very much money, and never have, and that we operate on a shoestring budget thanks to the contributions of ordinary people via our website. People like you.

So, if you are able, please click this link now, and make a donation. However much you can afford.