The Sri Lanka Campaign is a global non-partisan movement that aims to:

  1. Achieve genuine reconciliation based on accountability for violations of international law
  2. Build respect for human rights and the rule of law
  3. Support efforts within Sri Lankan civil society to promote a just and lasting peace

#ReleaseTheList: campaign update

For approximately half a year, Tamil relatives of the disappeared have been protesting continuously at five sites across the North and East of Sri Lanka demanding that the government take action that could secure answers about the fate of their loved ones. Last month...

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A Tribute to Kim Wall

Following years in which it routinely ranked near the top of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) Impunity Index, Sri Lanka is still one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist. The risks are higher still if you are Tamil. According to...

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No Fire Zone Trailer, Callum Macrae/Outsider TV (October 2014) [Warning: distressing content]

Torture in Sri Lanka in 2015, ITJP (September 2015) [Warning: distressing content]


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