The Sri Lanka Campaign is a global non-partisan movement that aims to:

  1. Achieve genuine reconciliation based on accountability for violations of international law
  2. Build respect for human rights and the rule of law
  3. Support efforts within Sri Lankan civil society to promote a just and lasting peace

EU: Don’t turn a blind eye to torture in Sri Lanka

The EU may be about to turn a blind eye to torture in Sri Lanka. Here’s how you can stop them. In just under a month’s time, the EU Commission will take a decision on whether to begin the process of restoring ‘GSP+’ preferential trade status to Sri Lanka, the scheme...

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No Fire Zone Trailer, Callum Macrae/Outsider TV (October 2014) [Warning: distressing content]

Torture in Sri Lanka in 2015, ITJP (September 2015) [Warning: distressing content]


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