Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: Do Not Attend the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka

We said yesterday’s petition in the UK would be the first of many. Now we are pleased to be able to tell you about petitions for Canada and India.

Prime Minister Steven Harper was courageous in setting an example and announcing that if the summit happens, then he will not go. However, it is still expected that a Canadian delegation will attend the Summit, and this will undermine the effect of the Prime Minister’s personal boycott as Canada’s attendance will still be visible in the Summit. If you are in Canada please sign the petition here to send that message.

The Indian petition is run by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. If you are in India please sign here.

Meanwhile the UK petition has reached well over a thousand signatures in under 24 hours. We soon hope local organisations will launch petitions in Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand. If we haven’t reached you yet, we will soon. In the meantime please keep signing and sharing with your UK, Indian, and Canadian friends.

If you are in the UK click here to sign the petition


If you are in Canada click here to sign the petition


If you are in India click here to sign the petition,