We are today launching a brand new campaign to place the voice of survivors of Sri Lanka’s civil war at the heart of the debate about Sri Lanka’s future.

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Just now we launched a report in which Tamil survivors of Sri Lanka’s civil war discuss in their own words their desires and expectations for justice and accountability, and what is needed to secure meaningful reconciliation and a lasting peace.

The report comes from an analysis of statements made by nearly 200 survivors of Sri Lanka’s civil war, taken at over a dozen focus groups across Sri Lanka’s Northern Province about a month after President Sirisena took office. We have taken these demands and turned them into a “Manifesto for peace”.

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This campaign is urgently needed. The deferral of the publication of the OISL UN investigation into Sri Lanka, and the new Government’s unclear attitude to justice make this a vitally important time. The decisions made now could well shape Sri Lanka’s future for several generations. But no one seems to be interested in hearing from the victims themselves.

We need to change that, but we will only be able to do so if you help to amplify our voice.

This petition will allow people around the world, people like you, to express your support for survivor’s demands, and stand with survivors and the Sri Lanka Campaign in our belief that Sri Lanka’s fragile peace can only be made sustainable if these demands are met.

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P.S. We did not receive any funding to write this report. It was entirely funded by the generosity of supporters like you. If you are able to help us meet our running costs and pay for work like this, please click here. Without you our work would be impossible.