The campaign came together in 2009 as a crisis response to the dire humanitarian situation in  military-run detention camps in the north of the country at the end of the war. However, we quickly realised that what was needed was a comprehensive international human rights campaign for Sri Lanka to pursue allegations of serious violations of international law, and address the root causes of violence and oppression in Sri Lanka.

From the very beginning, we were a multi-ethnic non-partisan campaign.

The Campaign started as a volunteer-led organisation, and in its early days was little more than an email mailing list and a website. In late 2010 we acquired a small amount of seed funding and we were able to rent an office and hire a member of staff. We remain a global campaign, but our office is based in London, where we are financially registered.

Since then, we have been able to able to expand a little. But we are still a relatively small organisation, currently employing just two members of staff (1.5 FTE). Much of our work is still done by volunteers and supporters, people like you.