As you may have heard the BBC ran a story today about a leak of a UN internal probe into its behaviour – the “Petrie” report.

You can access the website version here, the World Service Radio report here, (it was also repeated every hour), and the BBC Radio 4 report here. The BBC 10 O’clock news and BBC Newsnight reports should be available at those links shortly.

Its an important story, and it needs to be heard. So please do forward on this email and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more this is spoken about, the greater the demand for the report to be published in full will be.

It is a story to make you angry. Angry that the UN let those people down, and even more angry about the real villains: the Government of Sri Lanka, and the LTTE. But there are things you can do to help the victims of this outrage. Here are just some suggestions:

  1. Sign our petition to demand an independent international investigation into war crimes.
  2. Tell your friends: about the programme, and about our campaigns
  3. Give money, to help us continue to campaign

You can help us make sense out of this madness. You can stop this from becoming another story of meaningless disaster. Please help.