Lakshan Dias is a Sri Lankan human rights lawyer. He has been subject to constant threats and intimidation of late and has been followed around by a white van. In Sri Lanka having a white van follow you is traditionally the precursor to being abducted. 

The Observatory is running an urgent appeal to protect him. Please get involved by visiting this webpage.

Below is a press release by the Lawyers’ Collective:


26 February 2013

Lawyer’s Collective Wants Harassment of Lawyers Immediately Stopped!

Lawyers’ Collective has been following the incidents of harassment and threats on lawyers, who actively challenged the unconstitutional impeachment of the 43rd Chief Justice of Sri Lanka. As previously disclosed several lawyers, senior and junior, have come under threats. Series of incidents of surveillance on the lawyers were also reported in Colombo as well as outside.

Mr. Lakshan Dias a well known human rights lawyer and activist who was a leading figure in the anti- impeachment activities has come under strict surveillance making his life vulnerable for physical attacks. He had also been followed by a white van, which incident has been reported to the Moratuwa Police on 25th February 2013, under reference CIB-1- 232/442.

We remind the Government of its constitutional duty to protect and respect the citizen’s right to dissent and to engage in critical governance activities. The lawyer’s struggle was a discharge of their constitutional duty to protect independence of judiciary, which they will continue to do, despite threats.

The Lawyers’ Collective therefore urges the Government to investigate into these incidents and ensure that the Lawyers, who have stood up against the illegal impeachment of the highest judicial officer of the Country, will not be subjected to any further intimidation.

Lawyers Collective