The coup attempt at the end of last year saw Sri Lanka’s fragile and imperfect democracy pushed to the brink. It survived, in large part, due to the many ordinary citizens who took to the streets in peaceful resistance.

An exciting new project – Street Spirit – seeks to capture some of those stories and spark further conversation among young activists in Sri Lanka about nonviolent strategies for social change.

Below is an appeal from the organisers asking for your support to get it off the ground. Can you help? If so, click here!

There is a groundswell of political dynamism among the rising generation of young Sri Lankans – ignited in part by the attempted constitutional coup at the end of last year. But there is a dearth of literature available in Sinhala about nonviolent strategies for social change.


We’re working on an amazing project for young activists in Sri Lanka. It will make it possible for them to read and share – for the first time-ever in Sinhala – examples of dynamic activism from around the world.


I’m supporting Sri Lankan friends translate and publish in Sinhala the inspiring collection of real-life triumphs put together in ‘Street Spirit’ by Steve Crawshaw, the Advocacy Director of Freedom from Torture. The preface is by Ai Wei Wei.


We’ve had donations from 34 people in the last three weeks, which have brought in just over £600. I’m now racing to meet the end of February when Steve Crawshaw will visit Sri Lanka. It would be fantastic to launch “Street Spirit” in Sinhala while he is here.


I’ve managed to get a discount from the printer and they say they can print it in time if I raise £500 in the next 2 weeks. The good news is that one of our friends just offered to match every new gift to get us across the finishing line! That means we’re really only £250 away from our goal.


If you are fed up with the politics of negativity and you want to help these young people get access to inspiring stories of practical and effective protests from around the world, this project is something really worth supporting!


It doesn’t matter how little you can donate – your solidarity will be in the participation. But if we can get 10 friends to donate £25 right away, we’ll be able to get “Street Spirit” in Sinhala out in time!


All donors will be credited in the book unless you request to be anonymous (you can chose this in the donations tab).


For more information please visit the crowdfund site. All money received goes directly to the project.