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Are you a runner? A swimmer? A hiker? Do you want to eat the world’s hottest chili? Or empty a bucket of something over your head?

We are looking for you!

The Sri Lanka Campaign needs funds to stay up and running – and raising money can be a lot of fun. If you want to challenge yourself while raising money for a great cause, get in touch to discuss your idea.

You can do it!

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Here’s what our fundraisers have been up to recently:

Richard and Fred ran the Silverstone half marathon. Sponsor them here.

Fundraising stories

966595_10152303093954057_1785778316_o Raj jumped out of a plane

1085114_10151546433701845_1731660602_o Fred stepped into the ring

Cook for peace

Fancy learning some traditional recipes from Sri Lanka, cooking them for your friends, and earning money for us all at the same time?

Sign up below and we will send you a book of recipes from Sri Lanka, including delicious Murukku, Watalappan, Kothu Roti and Kesari.

Click here to read about our mystery chef’s experience, or dive in below.

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