Help raise funds for the Sri Lanka Campaign

The Sri Lanka Campaign relies on the efforts of its volunteers to stay up and running – and raising money can be a lot of fun!

Below we’ve put together a variety of challenges, which we hope will inspire you to get involved in supporting us. 

If you want to challenge yourself while raising money for a great cause, please get in touch to discuss your idea.

Alternatively, you can get started right away by setting up your own fundraising page with Everyday Hero.

You can do it!

The sporty challenge


Are you a runner? A swimmer? A hiker?

If so, the sporty challenge may be the one for you.

From half marathons to amateur boxing, our volunteers have done it all!

Click here to read about the time Fred stepped into the ring for us.

The daredevil challenge


If sport isn’t your thing – but you’d still like to push yourself – how about the daredevil challenge?

Whether it’s eating the world’s hottest chilli, or emptying a bucket of something over your head, we’d love to hear from you.

Can you match Raj (opposite), who jumped out of a plane for us?

The cooking challenge


Fancy learning some traditional recipes from Sri Lanka, cooking them for your friends, and earning money for us all at the same time?

Click here to download our free e-book of recipes from Sri Lanka for you to try. Alternatively, buy a copy of the stunning ‘Handmade,’ a collection of recipes from war affected Tamil women in Sri Lanka’s North East. (Proceeds from the book go to non-profits working with this group). For some inspiration, read about the experience of our mystery chef here.

The super-saver challenge


Raise money for the Campaign by doing… nothing at all!

All that is required for this challenge is a bit of determination to give something up – whether it’s one cup of coffee a week from that nice cafe, or the bus journey which you know you can make on foot.

You’ll be amazed how much you can raise in just a short amount of time. And don’t worry: we’ll give you plenty of encouragement, and make sure that you’re sacrifice (however small) is properly recognised.

Have another fundraising idea?