It has been a great 24 hours.

Firstly our “thunderclap” twitter campaign sent a powerful message about rape in Sri Lanka from hundreds of you to your combined millions of followers. Twitter celebrities MIA, and Cara Delevingne and activist Bianca Jagger joined in; Bianca wrote a compelling article for the Huffington Post and Cara even took a suggestion from our blog and posed with the slogan of the campaign.

Then this morning it seemed to pay off. William Hague, put on the spot by the Guardian, announced that he would be happy to investigate cases of rape victims being deported back to Sri Lanka.

This is an incredible achievement that could save dozens of lives, but we still need to push them further. For a start while they are investigating they need to halt the deportations, otherwise it will be too late, and Hague still needs to deploy his team of experts to track down and prosecute the rapists.

We will be in touch shortly about what we will do to make this happen, but in the meantime: thank you.

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