The UN agencies produce a regular update of the situation in Sri Lanka. This is the March report. The highlights are:

1. Menik Farm (the largest detention centre in Sri Lanka) currently hosts a total of 93,926 IDPs. It has the capacity to hold 111,856 people.

2. Progressive improvements in freedom of movement additionally have been witnessed since the 1 December 2009 pass system was introduced.

3. Returns are continuing and the Government has indicated plans for movement of 50,000 additional people before the end of April.

4. A significant segment of the IDP population is female (51%) and children (12.5% under 5 years, 23% under 10 years, 30% under 18 years).

5. The Government has drastically reduced services due to lack of resources and technical support.

6. Many protection activities, including for disabled persons, ended in December 2009, several due to the lack of funds.