Many governments in the South have supported the Govt of Sri Lanka at critical points in the crisis, notably at the 2009 UN Human Rights Council decision.

India and Brazil are said to be the most damaging but South Africa has also been complicit:

That governments should adopt such attitudes is depressing – especially in the case of Brazil and South Africa.

But what has been really disappointing is the silence of civil society in these countries.

One might say “Why should they bother about Sri Lanka when they have their own problems?”

Simply because other repressive govts are watching SL and what happens there will be replicated – see the following for what security wonks have learnt:

And through G15/Commonwealth/Shanghai Cooperation Organization/NAM, SL is well placed to dessiminate these “effective practice” guidelines

As the brutally assassinated Sri Lankan newspaper editor identified, what happens to the Tamils today will happen to other opponents of the goverment tomorrow. He could also have said other minorities in other countries.